• Rehydration & Energy

Quickly but gently replenishes electrolytes, nutrients and water lost where dehydration has occurred or is at risk.

Restores energy.

Maintains stamina and promotes recovery.

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How It Works

The clever combination of rich mineral salts (sodium, magnesium and potassium), glucose, L-carnitine, spirulina and plant extracts  help prevent dehydration in dogs due to exposure to heat, inclement weather, prolonged exercise, vomiting or diarrhea. This water soluble powder not only quickly but gently replenishes electrolytes (minerals in dogs' blood that help keep the other body fluid levels in balance) and water lost through sweat, urine, saliva or other body fluids but also restore energy and give dogs all the nutrients they need to keep going strong. It gives a nutrient boost to help reverse dehydration and promote recovery from weakness and debility.  It contains the correct balance of electrolytes and glucose required for rapid rehydration where dehydration has occurred or is at risk and will help dogs maintain stamina and promote recovery during exercise and competitions and shows. Dissolved in water, it is palatable and rapid acting.


Suitable for puppies from 3 months of age.

Mix the powder with some water as follows:

Dog's weight

Drink preparation

˂ 5kg

1/2 scoop with 1 litre of water

˂ 10kg

1 scoop with 1 litre of water

˂ 20kg

2 scoops with 1 litre of water

˂ 30kg

3 scoops with 1 litre of water

˃ 30kg

4 scoops with 1 litre of water

Once ready, this drink should not be left in the sun. Use the prepared drink within 24 hours.

A scoop is included in each pack for ease of measuring.

Advice & Caution

As with other pet supplements, seek veterinarian advice before giving it to your pet if he/she is under medical supervision.


Dextrose (glucose), glycine, sodium chloride, magnesium sulphate, kalium phosphoricum, spirulina, dandelion, nettle, artichoke, silybum marianum, solidago virgaurea, berberis vulgaris, horsetail, hawthorn, ononis spinosa, black radish (raphanus sativus niger), boldo, fumitory, blackcurrant, orthosiphon aristatus, ADDITIVES(per kg): ascorbic acid, sorbitol( (E420), DL  methionine (3.1.1), L- carnitine, citric acid (E330).

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Rehydration & Energy

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