• Flea & Tick Defence (drops)

Repels fleas and ticks.

Gentle on dogs.

Free of chemicals.

Additional Product Descriptions
How It Works

A natural and effective flea and tick spot on solution to repel fleas and ticks as well as other external parasites based on key essential oils well known for their anti-flea and tick properties including eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, cedarwood, geranium, peppermint and garlic This powerful combination of essential oils magnifies the effect of allowing dogs to stay pest free without being harsh on them. Essential oils are all natural, mild and will leave your dog's coat healthy and vibrant. Free of chemicals.


Suitable for puppies older than 6 months and dog adults.

Apply 1 to 5 drops onto the skin, on the back of your dog in front of the shoulder blades, on armpits and at the base of the tail. For smaller dogs under 5 kg, do not exceed 2 drops.  As an alternative, a few drops may be placed on a cotton/fabric dog collar and put around your dog's neck. Renew whenever the aroma starts to fade.

Re-apply after each wash or swim.

Advice & Caution

Contains essential oils. Not suitable for cats.

Some dogs may be allergic to even the most natural ingredients. If sensitivity occurs, please discontinue use.


Eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, cedarwood, geranium, nutmeg, basil, pine, peppermint, thuja, garlic and juniper.

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Flea & Tick Defence (drops)

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