• D-Dog Superfoods Beta

 Develops a smooth and glossy coat with richer colours.

 Helps dry and flaky skin and maintains healthy skin.

 Reinforces pigmentation.

 Promotes gastrointestinal health.

 Supports immune system.

 Supports healthy ligaments, joints & bones.

 Promotes good health and vitality.

Additional Product Descriptions
How It Works

d-dog superfoods beta is packed with Nature's most nutrient dense green "superfoods" available (Spirulina, Chlorella, Kelp such as laminaria, ascophyllum and fucus), linseed oil, copra oil, montmorillonite clay, peas, artichoke, nettle, probiotic and ginseng to help dogs and cats keep active, healthy and happy! d-dog superfoods beta helps purify pets body of dangerous toxins and chemicals, promote gastrointestinal health and immune system, support healthy ligaments, joints and bones, and improve their appearance and overall health, vitality and wellbeing. d-dog superfoods beta's high concentration of beta-carotene (source of vitamin A, a powerful antioxidant), helps reinforce pet coat colours and improve their pigmentation. Reds become redder and all other colours become richer and darker throughout pets body.

d-dog superfoods beta adds nutritional value to dogs and cats' regular food:

  • fibre for good digestion,
  • antioxidants to protect from free radicals,
  • beta-carotene for a strong immune system, healthy eyes and vibrant coat colours,
  • nucleic acids to help cells repair and regenerate themselves while improving overall wellness,
  • enzymes for a healthy metabolism,
  • omega 3 and omega 6 for healthy skin and coat,
  • an EU registered strain of probiotic bacteria to restore and maintain the natural balance of gut bacteria,
  • montmorillonite clay, a source of 67 minerals, to absorb toxins and bacteria, encourae digestion (firming stools, soothing sensitive bowel) and promote the immune and maintain good health,
  • natural vitamins and minerals to support good health,
  • essential fatty acids to promote normal organ development,
  • protein for high energy,
  • minerals such as calcium (from the seaweed, in particular ascophyllum nododum) to promote healthy teeth (and oral hygiene) and bones, and
  • chlorophyll, a natural detoxifier which helps freshen breath and naturally cleanse the body of impurity.

d-dog superfoods beta can be complementary to a BARF (Bones and Raw Food) diet to fill in any nutritional shortfalls and to maintain a healthy digestion.


Suitable for dogs and cats, puppies and kitten from 3 months of age.

Palatable granules to be given daily whole or sprinkled and mixed with normal food for at least 21 consecutive days (several times a year) or year round. ½ scoop per 5kg (11lbs) of body weight per day.

5 kg: ½ scoop per day - 180g box will last approx 6 weeks

10 kg:  1 scoop per day - 180g box will last approx 21 days

20 kg: 2 scoops per day - 180g box will last approx 10 days

30 kg: 3 scoops per day - 180g box will last approx 7 days

40 kg: 4 scoops per day - 180g box will last approx 5 days

50 kg: 5 scoops per day - 180g box will last approx 4 days

60 kg: 6 scoops per day - 180g box will last approx 3 days

A scoop is included in each pack for ease of measuring.

The benefits of ingredients in this supplement are thought to build over time. A regular course is therefore recommended.

Advice & Caution

As with other pet supplements, seek veterinarian advice before giving it to your pet if he/she is under medical supervision.


Saccharomyces cerevisiae (brewers yeast), fucus, laminaria, ascophyllum nodosum, spirulina, chlorella, peas, dehydrated carrots, lithothamnium calcareum, flaxseed oil, copra oil, proteins (potato), magnesium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, fish peptides, ginseng, dandelion, nettle, artichoke, milk thistle, solidago, berberis vulgaris, horsetail, hawthorn, ononis spinosa, black radish (raphanus sativus niger), fumitory, boldo, blackcurrant, orthosiphon aristatus, propolis, vegetable charcoal. ADDITIVES(per kg): rapeseed lecithin (E322), calcium sulphate (E516), silicium dioxide (E551), montmorillonite (E558), EU registered probiotic strain Enterococcus faecium (E1707):100mg.

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D-Dog Superfoods Beta

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