• Fertility & Breeding

 Promotes fertility in both male and female and ovulation.

 Promotes conception rates.

 Supports a healthy conception.

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How It Works

Fertility & Breeding contains nutrients essential to reproduction and fertility and all round health and vitality. It contains wheat germ, a natural source of Vitamin E given to maintain fertility in both male and female dogs, ginseng and fatty acids such as Omega 3 and Omega 6 to promote fertility, savory, a source of essential minerals and vitamins such as selenium and zinc. Just adding this supplement to dogs' food can help dogs' fertility and conception rates.  It helps improve the quality of spermatozoa in studs and promote  fertility and develop ovulation in bitches.

Its unique formula contains:

  • vitamin A (essential for the production of female sex hormones and for the developing embryo);

  • vitamin B1 (needed for ovulation and implantation);

  • vitamins C and E (together help to improve ovulation);

  • vitamin B6 (contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity)

  • iron (contributes to the cell division);

  • magnesium (taken with vitamin B1 it helps energy production);

  • manganese (required for a healthy ovulation);

  • zinc (important for the cell division in the foetus, producing good quality eggs, and maintaining the menstrual cycle and a key mineral for the male reproductive system, contributing to normal testosterone levels in the blood);

  • selenium (contributes to normal spermatogenesis);

  • beta-carotene (important in the regulation of the reproductive cycle hormones).

A 8 day course of Digestive Complex before feeding Fertility & Breeding is recommended to help promote the bitch's metabolism and reinforce the action of Fertility & Breeding.


Suitable for male  and female dogs and cats.

Palatable granules to be given daily whole or sprinkled and mixed with normal food for a course of 25/35 consecutive days before mating (several times a year). ½ scoop per 5kg (11lbs) of body weight per day.

5 kg: ½ scoop per day - 150g box will last approx 6 weeks

10 kg: 1 scoop per day - 150g box will last approx 21 days

20 kg: 2 scoops per day - 150g box will last approx 10 days

30 kg: 3 scoops per day - 150g box will last approx 7 days

40 kg: 4 scoops per day - 150g box will last approx 5 days

50 kg: 5 scoops per day - 150g box will last approx 4 days

60 kg: 6 scoops per day - 150g box will last approx 3 days

A scoop is included in each pack for ease of measuring.

The benefits of ingredients in this supplement are thought to build over time. A regular course is therefore recommended.

Advice & Caution

As with other pet supplements, seek veterinarian advice before giving it to your pet if he/she is under medical supervision.


Sodium phosphate, saccharomyces cerevisiae (brewers yeast), magnesium hydroxide, sprouted grains (wheat/oat), ginseng, ginger, savory, sage, kola, ADDITIVES(per kg): vitamin A(E672): 2,500,000 IU, vitamin D3 (E671): 200,000 IU, vitamin E (E307): 500 IU, vitamin C: 1,750 mg, vitamin K: 30 mg, vitamin B1: 100 mg, vitamin B2: 120 mg, vitamin B6: 10 mg, inositol: 50 mg, pantothenic acid: 400 mg, vitamin B12: 1 mg, choline: 5,000 mg, betaine: 500 mg, DL methionine (3.1.1), lysine (3.2.3), iron oxide (E1), calcium lactate (E327), sorbitol (E420).

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Fertility & Breeding

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