• Stress Relief

Supports calm behaviour in pets during stressful situations.

Helps with  anxiety, nervousness, excitability and travel anxiety.

Keeps dogs and cats calm and relaxed without inhibiting their natural demeanour.

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How It Works

Stress Relief is a natural way to help support calm behavior in pets during stressful situations without inhibiting their natural demeanour. Ideal for times such as travel, fireworks, competition, separation anxiety or just going to the veterinarian's office or grooming salon. It also helps reduce anxiety in pets with nervous dispositions. Made from a combination of soothing and calming plants and herbs including hop, St John's Wort, hawthorn, lemon balm, passiflora and a naturally occurring essential amino acid, l.tryptophan (necessary for the production of serotonin) to help with  anxiety, stress and nervousness and promote emotional balance. Stress Relief helps reduce anxiety and excitability in competitive events.


Suitable for puppies and kitten from 3 months of age.

Easier to give than pill.

Give the paste by mouth as follows:

˂5kg: 1ml

˂10kg: 2ml

˂20kg: 3ml

˂30kg: 4ml

40kg and ˃40kg: 5ml

Give the paste the day before any stressful planned events (travel, visit to the vet, competition).

Does not cause drowsiness, sedate or impair normal behaviour or performance.

Advice & Caution

As with other pet supplements, seek veterinarian advice before giving it to your pet if he/she is under medical supervision.


Hop, St John's Wort, hawthorn, lemon balm, passiflora, meadowsweet, vegetable glycerin, magnesium hydroxide, demineralised water, aroma ADDITIVES(per kg): L.Tryptophan: 43,000 mg

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Stress Relief

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