What We Stand For

Our mission is to ensure the wellbeing of all dogs and cats whatever their age, size, breed or activity. We make it our business to ensure that dogs and cats live happily their life to the fullest: happy pets live longer. We are passionate about dogs and cats and really care about their health and wellbeing!

We believe that it is important to be proactive and provide your pet with optimum nutrition right from the start to keep your pet healthy. Good nutrition will promote your pet's immune system to help with his/her everyday health. However it is never too late to change feeding habits. Even if your pet is showing signs of inadequate nutrition, our natural tasty supplements, along with a healthy diet will help to turn things around. We want to make it easy for you to give your pet the good stuff nature intended, like the most nutrient dense green superfoods available full of essential nutrients, antioxidants and enzymes.

We believe in using the best possible human grade ingredients we can source. Our ingredients are of the highest human grade quality. Using premium and ethically sourced ingredients, every product combines 100% natural ingredients to promote optimum health.

We believe in natural effective formulae which have been thoroughly prepared. We make sure that our ingredients work synergistically.

For example, we combine herbs together to enhance certain properties and reduce others to create a tailored product with multi actions. A herb can improve the actions of another herb due to a completely different action of its own. Our natural ingredients have been approved by our consultant holistic vet, Richard Allport.

We believe in meeting high ethical standards. We comply with European Union established standards and guidelines to ensure traceability of our ingredients and optimal conditions for manufacture of our products. All our products are manufactured in France. We do our best to make sure our products have no harmful effects, on human and animal health or the environment. None of our products have been inhumanely tested on animals.

We believe in using minimal processing methods. We use the gentlest processing method of freeze-drying at (minus) - 40° to prepare our tasty granules to preserve all the abundant vitamins, minerals and nutrients, enzymes of our ingredients. Most pet products on the market are manufactured through a hot processing method (much cheaper), removing all the activity of their ingredients. Because of our granulation process, our granules are tasty and naturally effective: a guarantee for your four legged friend!

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